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The Force of Flexibility

  • Intensifies the resilience of the paintwork
  • Optimises shine and depth of colours
  • Simplifies the cleaning
  • Secures the preservation of the vehicle's value
  • 36 months long-term protection
  • watch our product video

The Force of Flexibility

8 piece set
The individual products for more flexibility
Now available as single products and in the service pack
  • Intensifies the resilience of the paintwork
  • Optimises shine and depth of colours
  • Simplifies the cleaning
  • Secures the preservation of the vehicle's value
  • 36 months long-term protection
  • watch our product video

Flexible is strong!

The most powerful car paint protection that ever existed!

Flexible is strong!

Extreme resistance to UV radiation and chemicals, but also against aggressive environmental influences such as e.g. de-icing salt, tar, road dirt and industrial pollution.
The surface becomes extremely water repellent (superhydrophobic), repels dirt and shows an easy to clean effect.


All year round your vehicle‘s paintwork is under attack from aggressive environmental influences, and the paintwork surface becomes porous, fades and gets lustreless and dull.


The ceramic long term sealant CC36 forms an extremely resilient, but still flexible network on the paintwork


Modifed, siliceous particles couple reactively after the application of the BaseCoat.

Afterwards, they covalently bond to the paintwork to produce an extremely resistant, glossy surface.

Highly resistant, protective network against influences of chemicals, UV radiation and mechanical wear.

Additional polymer composite in the GlossCoat provides a glossy sealing, optimal smoothness and long-lasting waterrepellent effect.

The perfect long term protection coats the body in two steps like a second skin.

Warranty Conditions

Prerequisite is the registration of the vehicle in the warranty booklet. Claims can only be asserted with the SONAX CC36 Partner who carried out the sealing and within the 12 month guarantee period and with a maximum mileage of 20,000 km.



Private vehicle Repainted parts
Company car Clear coat
Mileage <20.000 km Partly foil covered
Vehicle age <10 years No irreparable paintwork defects
Original paintwork No corrosion

Please note!

The guarantee will not be granted in case of noncompliance of the washing and maintenance instructions, for damage due to accident, scratches, vandalism, stone chips, rust and rust film, extraordinary chemical fallout and impurities (e.g. paint, solvents, cement, sun cream) or for paintwork repairs by a third party.

Care Tips

With the following care instructions you can maintain the optimum paintwork condition of your vehicle following the sealing with SONAX PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC36.


  • Regular car wash at your SONAX CC36 Partner with high quality care products
  • Remove certain dirt contamination types with special SONAX cleaners*
  • Manual wash with gentle and pH neutral shampoo (SONAX Gloss shampoo or SONAX XTREME Wash+Seal)
  • Use of a soft Microfibre sponge or mitt
  • For drying use SONAX Microfibre drying cloth


  • Revitalize with SONAX XTREME BrilliantShine Detailer or SONAX XTREME Spray+Seal
  • Regular sealing and paintwork check with the SONAX CC36 Partner


  • Do not use highly alkaline cleaners over pH value 11
  • Do not polish
  • Do not use brushes

*Insect remover, Fallout cleaner, Tar remover, Tree sap remover


Which paints can be treated with CC36?

In principle, all car paintwork surfaces with clear coat can be treated, provided that the vehicles do not have a matt lacquer and they are not foil covered or have foils attached. The SONAX CC36 Partner carrying out the paintwork diagnosis will decide on the suitability or otherwise of a sealing.

How can a coating be both hard and flexible at the same time?

When the hard silicate particles have bonded in the hardening process they strengthen the top coating layer and make it more resilient without stiffening the clear coat, as the coating’s layer thickness is extremely thin and thus remains flexible. Example glass fibre: Although this material is normally rigid, in very thin diameters it can be bent.

What sort of a guarantee do I get for the sealing?

The accredited (= trained) SONAX CC36 Partner grants a guarantee of the functionality of the sealing* for 36 months, provided that the customer brings his/her car for an annual service. The customer can find the date in the warranty booklet.

*This refers to the hydrophobic (water repellent) finish given to the treated paintwork surfaces.

What happens at a service?

The SONAX CC36 Partner checks the functionality of the sealing and, if necessary, re-seals places where the sealant is no longer intact. For this a service fee will be charged, the amount will be determined by the SONAX CC36 Partner.

Why are these service intervals necessary?

Every car must have a service after a certain time or mileage. With the customer service it is the same. The treated vehicles are on the road under the most varied environmental conditions and with different mileages. That’s why an annual check is necessary and also compulsory.

What is not covered by the guarantee?

Damages due to accidents, scratches, vandalism, stone chips, rust and rust film, extraordinary chemical fallout and impurities (e.g. paint, solvents, cement sun cream), paintwork repairs by a third party and when the vehicle was verifiably polished by the customer. The guarantee will not be valid when it can be verified that the owner acted carelessly or negligently, especially with damages due to incorrect washing techniques and the use of automatic carwash installations.

What should I do in the event of a guarantee claim?

Condition for the granting of a guarantee claim is the vehicle’s registration in the warranty booklet. The SONAX CC36 Partner who carried out the sealing work should be consulted to assess the vehicle, and the warranty booklet submitted to him/her. This has to occur within the 12 month period. The Partner will assess the sealing and on the granting of the claim will renew the sealing on the affected areas free of charge. For defects for which he/she is not responsible, the Partner can refuse to rectify the defect.

How do I best wash my vehicle?

Ideally the vehicle owner should arrange regular washes with the SONAX CC36 Partner. This will ensure that the vehicle is treated correctly with the right washing techniques and the right products. Should the customer wish to take care of this himself, he should manually wash the vehicle at regular intervals with a gentle shampoo, such as SONAX Gloss shampoo, and a microfibre sponge or glove.

Can I take my car through an automatic carwash?

This is not recommended, for there is a danger that the coating will break down more quickly. Particularly during the prewash phase in carwashes highly alkaline shampoos are applied which attack the sealing. In this case, the customer forfeits any claim under the guarantee.

Can I polish my vehicle as usual?

Polishing should not be carried out and is also not necessary. In the course of the pretreatment phase of the CC36 application, the vehicle is completely prepared and the optimum paintwork condition is then preserved.

How is the vehicle best maintained?

A fast treatment with SONAX Brilliant shine detailer after every manual wash revitalizes the sealing.

When is the coating fully resilient?

A freshly sealed vehicle should stay overnight in the dry and not get wet. After 3-4 days the sealing is absolutely resilient and the vehicle can then be washed for the first time.

Can I use specialist cleaners like insect remover, fallout remover, tar or tree sap remover?

In principle yes, but with frequent usage of the alkaline Insect remover, the front end of the vehicle is especially affected and should, therefore, be treated regularly with SONAX Brilliant shine detailer. When removing all types of problematic dirt contamination the cleaner should be wiped over without exerting pressure.

How can I ascertain whether the coating is still active or intact?

For this, the vehicle must first be washed and thoroughly rinsed with fresh water. On the basis of the rapidity of the running off and/or the breaking up of the water film, the functionality of the sealing can be evaluated. Another method would be to spray water from a pump sprayer onto the washed and dried paintwork. Here, the shape of the water droplets (that is the contact angle of the droplets) is evaluated. The more spherical they are, the more intact is the sealing.

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